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Southern Cone History Collection

Rare Books and Special Collections collects journals, and books of exceptional importance from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Labeled the Southern Cone for its geographic location at the Southern tip of the Americas, this region stands out for its extraordinary contributions to Latin America ranging from economic influence to cultural excellence. This collection has been developed principally through generosity of Robert (ND '63) and Beverly O'Grady (SMC '63).

The collection includes books published in the region after 1810 and magazines, newspapers, and journals published after 1830 that highlight the economic, intellectual, political, and social history of the Southern Cone. Of particular importance is the collection of mid-19th century materials documenting the rule of Juan Manuel Rosas. Also noteworthy are the complete runs of the Argentine journals La montaña and Jettatore.

The Southern Cone Historical Manuscripts Collection

Portrait of Jose de San Martin.
Portrait of José de San Martín.

Special Collections houses a growing number of historical manuscript materials relating to the political, military, economic and other historical aspects of Southern Cone nations, especially Argentina. Much of this material is from the O'Grady Collection. Some of the more notable figures who are well-represented include:

In addition to those mentioned above, other figures for whom the Department holds smaller collections of papers include:

Collections in this area also include a number of official documents and soldiers' diaries, as well as an extensive collection of papers from the family of David Suffern, an Irish family that emigrated to Argentina in the middle of the nineteenth century.

Finally, the Department holds several topical collections. These include:

  • Assassination of Juan Facundo Quiroga

  • Expedition from Cadiz to Rio de la Plata

  • Alvarez de Arenales: Separation of Tarija letters

  • Period of Civil Strife, 1821-1865

  • Documents pertaining to Corrientes province

  • Uruguayan political ephemera, for which an affiliate of the department, Julio Pablo Benvenuto, has written an interpretive guide in Spanish

  • Early 20th century postcards from Montevideo

A finding aid in Word format is presently available for download.