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1914 Boston Braves / BAS875-1-2

Upper panel

Ball type: Spalding Official National League, double-stitched, John K. Tener signature.

Signatures: Twenty-two, in fountain pen. Back panel (sweet spot); George Stallings, Johnny Evers. Upper panel: Dick Rudolph, Butch Schmidt, Lefty Tyler, Bill James, Bert Whaling, Les Mann, Charlie Deal, Gene Cocreham, Herbie Moran, Clancy Tyler. Right side panel: Otto Hess, [?], Ted Cather. Lower panel: Billy Martin, Josh Devore, Fred Mitchell. Left side panel: Rabbit Maranville, Possum Whitted, Joe Connolly, [?], [?], [?], Dick Cottrell, Oscar Dugey.

Condition: Twenty-two of a probable twenty-six signatures decipherable. Those on the back, upper, and lower panels all decipherable, with minor areas of deterioration and minimal to moderate fading. With two exceptions, those on the side panels badly deteriorated, and decipherable only with reference to BAS875-1-1 above. Ball shows extensive surface deterioration on the front and side panels, and significant natural discoloration.

Notes: Twenty-one of the twenty-two decipherable signatures on this ball also appear on BAS875-1-1, with evident similarities of arrangement. It seems probable, then, that the two date from the same occasion, around the time of the 1914 World Series. The most obvious difference between the balls is the presence here of Braves' captain and second baseman Johnny Evers, voted the National League's most valuable player for his leadership role on a very young and inexperienced team. Given Evers' absence on 1-1 and the distinctive hue of the ink used for his signature, it seems likely that he added his name on a later occasion. For team notes, see BAS875-1-1 above.

Provenance: Gift of John J. Evers, Jr.

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